Team Trading & Services WLL Legal Page

 Terms & Conditions (Terms of Use)

  • Introduction: A brief statement outlining the purpose of the Terms & Conditions and their application to users of the website.
  • Use of the Website: Define permitted and prohibited uses of the website's content, services, and functionalities.
  • User Content: (if applicable) Outline your policies regarding content submitted by users (e.g., comments, reviews).
  • Intellectual Property: Declare ownership of website content and prohibition of unauthorized use.
  • Disclaimers: Disclaim liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions in website service.
  • Limitation of Liability: Limit your financial responsibility for damages arising from website use.
  • Termination: Reserve the right to terminate user access for violating the Terms & Conditions.
  • Governing Law & Jurisdiction: Specify the laws governing disputes arising from website use and the designated jurisdiction for resolving them.

Privacy Policy:

  • Introduction: Explain your commitment to user privacy and data protection.
  • Information We Collect: Describe the types of information collected through the website (e.g., contact details, usage data).
  • How We Use Information: Explain how collected information is used (e.g., contact purposes, website improvement).
  • Information Sharing: Outline your policy on sharing user information with third parties (if applicable).
  • Data Retention: Describe your practices for storing and deleting user data.
  • User Choices & Access: Explain user rights regarding their data (e.g., access, correction).
  • Contact Information: Provide contact details for inquiries about your privacy policy.

Cookie Policy (Optional)

  • Introduction: Explain what cookies are and how they are used on your website.
  • Types of Cookies: Describe the different types of cookies used (e.g., session cookies, analytics cookies).
  • User Consent: Explain how users can manage their cookie preferences (e.g., browser settings).
  • More Information: Provide a link to your privacy policy for further details.


  • Disclaimer of Warranties: Disclaim any warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of website information.
  • Disclaimer of Liability: Disclaim liability for any damages arising from website use or reliance on provided information.

Copyright Notice

  • Copyright Ownership: Declare ownership of website content (text, images, logos).
  • Restrictions on Use: Prohibit unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of website content without permission.